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    Shield cutters are mainly used for construction of urban railway,traffic tunnel like metro,utility tunnel for supplying,emission and others.


    Disc Cutter


    Disc Cutter is hard rock tool. It is to crush the rocks by the extruding force, shearing force and tensile force formed by cutter rolling. ( The rock strength, rock integrality, tunneling distance, sand content determine the selection, quantity, arrangement of Disc cutters on the Cutter Head). Disc Cutter is generally used in the loose strata which contain much gravels with the diameter bigger than 400mm, and the mixed ground with clay, sandy and up to 30MPa strength rocks.



    Pre-cutting Bit


    Pre-cutting Bit is the first tool to excavate the soil. It cut along the radial direction of tunnel face to loosen the soil in advance, which can significantly improve the fluidity of soil layer and reduce cutting resistance, thus raising cutting efficiency and reducing damage to the cutter bits. Pre-cutting Bit has very good performance in sandy gravel and calcareous concretion strata.

    Heavy-duty Ripper is mainly used to break the lower strength and smaller-diameter cobbles and gravels;(Good cooperation with Cutter Bits is the primary consideration in the design of Pre-Cutting Bit. Pre-Cutting Bit cuts the soil mass into small pieces or loosens soil before Cutter Bits cutting in order to create good cutting condition for Cutter Bits. Pre-cutting Bit is half the cutting width of Cutter bit, so the cutting efficiency of Pre-cutting Bit is higher.)



    Replaceable Cutter Bit


    Replaceable Cutter Bit is one kind of Pre-cutting Bit. It can be installed in the Disc Cutter Holder to replace Disc Cutter in smaller-diameter gravel or intensely weathered rocks conditions. Replaceable Cutter Bit and Disc Cutter are spaced or alternated with each other in complex ground, so that Cutter Head can keep best composition during tunneling.


    Central Cutter Bit


    Central Cutter Bit is used to cut the central soil of excavation face. The role of Central Cutter Bit is to center the excavation face and loosen the soil.( The characteristics of Central Cutter Bit are: 1. The body of Central Cutter bit is higher than other cutters, which ensures it first to cut soil. 2. Fishtail Cutter is tapered, so the soil cut by Central Cutter bit not only move along tangent direction and radial direction, but also rotate.)  Central Cutter Bit can cut the central section soil and improve the fluidity of soil, so it can greatly increase Shield Machine tunneling efficiency.


    Cutter Bit


    Ordinary Cutter Bit is soft ground tool, it generally used for loose strata conditions like silt, fine silt, clay, medium sand, coarse-grained sand and gravelly sand layers. Cutter Bits are installed on the opening slots of Cutter Head and used for excavating most of the sections. While Shield Machine is moving forward, the Cutter Bit is rotating with Cutter Head. The rotation movement drives cutter edge and tool bit into soil and form axial shearing force( tunnel forward direction) and radial shearing force(tangential direction of Cutter Wheel) to do the excavation.

    Heavy-duty Cutter Bit is mainly used in hard rock stratum or complex strata containing sandy gravel with big diameter, gravel and sandy clay. Its role is to remove the muck to protect Roller Disc Cutter and Pre-cutting Bit body.



    Scraper Bit


    Scraper Bit is one kind of Cutter Bits which is installed on the extreme edge of Cutter Head. It is used to cut the soft soil around the Cutter Head to keep the same excavation diameter. It is also to remove the stone slag crushed by Disc Cutter and Pre-cutting Bit in the hard rock stratum and complex strata .


    Protection Cutter Bit


    Protection Cutter Bits are the auxiliary cutters. They are classified into Protective Cutter Bit for Cutter Head, Protection Cutter Bit for Cutter Holder, Protection Cutter Bit for foam filling hole , Protective Cutter Bit for injection hole and Diversion Cutter, which base on their different roles.


    Copy Cutter Bit



    Copy Cutter Bit is installed on the gauge area of Cutter Head. While Shield Machine tunneling along curve or adjusting the direction, Copy Cutter Bit tries to minimize overbreak to leave the sufficient space for Shield Machine successfully turning. Copy Cutter Bit can extend out from Cutter Head or retract into Cutter Head according to the requirement of overcut. The extension length of Copy Cutter Bit is 70-150mm.




    Cutter Holder


    Cutter Holder is the connection of cutter and Cutter Head, which facilitates the cutter replacement.