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  • Post: Foreign Trade Regional Manager


    1.Implementation of company's market strategies, expanding business independently
    2.Maintain good relationship with existing customers, help to deal with daily service problem
    3.Following the market dynamics, collect relevant information, providing recommendations on marketing services and business expending.
    4.Other temporary work arranged


    1.Man first, age 25-35, bachelor degree or above, major in international trade or language like English, Russian, Spanish, etc. Excellent verbal and written English.
    2.3 years' experience in foreign trading business.
    3.Engaged in large-scale engineering machinery, mining machinery or accessories or other related industries.
    4.Good communication skills, and adaptability
    5.Ability to work under pressure

    Post: Technicians

    1.Product mechanical structure and mechanical parts design, material selection, processing use.
    2.Simulation of products' mechanical structure.
    3.Provide technical service to the manufacturing, coordinate and solve unexpected technical problems.
    4.Organize technical literature, compile technical documentation.
    5.Cooperate with relevant departments to control the quality of products


    1.Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical manufacturing, good English.
    2.2 years' experience in relevant design field
    3.Familiar with mechanical principles, hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems; familiar with the machining process, mechanics analysis principle; proficient in computer-aided design
    4.Serious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, with good spirit of innovation and teamwork