Black shark mobile phone 2 into the game mobile phone development wind vane: in addition to hardware expansion, what breakthroughs

Black shark mobile phone 2 into the game mobile phone development wind vane: in addition to hardware expansion, what breakthroughs
If you play games, although there are two game phones, Black Shark and Red Devil, there are two kinds of game phones in the market. However, one of the main reasons is that the handle is very good, so the evaluation is very good. In the “eat chicken”, Jun quickly entered the platinum ranking. Nowadays, this design was “incorporated” by Tencent. Then, recently, the exposure photos and videos of Black Shark Mobile 2 appeared. How the black shark and even the entire game mobile phone brand developed, it is estimated that many people are concerned.

In the mobile phone industry, entrepreneurship can be said to be a life in the “blood sea”. The competition of mobile phone brands is fierce. How can we accommodate new people? However, the black shark game mobile phone has taken a different approach, and actually found a place for itself through the new category of game mobile phones. It is estimated that many people did not expect it. Compared with other optimizations in other similar products, the black shark comes directly to the hard, and uses the handle to improve the game experience. It is simple and straightforward, and it also meets the user demands of this market.

And will the second generation of the black shark game mobile phone that recently unveiled continue this selling point? It is completely unknown now. Because no matter whether it is the photo of the Ministry of Industry and the real video of the mobile phone, I can’t make it clear. However, the second generation of the mobile phone has been synchronized on the Internet, which is probably tailored for its new generation of gaming phones. In short, it is certain to continue to use the Snapdragon 845, which is also the best solution to ensure the game experience, and the new product introduces the lighting effect, which makes it a little different.

Although the black shark may behave in general, such as taking pictures, it is absolutely perfect in terms of performance. This is reflected in Ann Bunny. It is estimated that the second generation will be similar. The other second generation is attracting attention to the light effect. In fact, the design of the light effect has been on the generation of the black shark, but it is not so obvious. The LOGO behind the generation is luminous, and can produce different flickering effects along with the rhythm of the game such as the king’s glory, but because of the relationship behind it, the mobile phone user can’t see it. The second generation extended this lighting effect to both sides, somewhat similar to the ambient lights provided by some gaming notebooks.

However, in terms of the game phone itself, in addition to performance, other aspects that can be provided are still limited. Take the handle of the black shark, although it is an innovation, it will also encounter trouble. The most obvious improvement in the handle is eating chicken games, but not long ago Tencent changed the rules of “stimulus battlefield”. If the black shark game phone uses the handle, it will be teamed up with other gamers or simulator players. So even if the hardware bypasses the game restrictions, it still has to follow the rules set by the game operator.

After the black shark, some similar designs appeared, apparently affected by the innovation of the black shark. But now it seems that the future direction of the game mobile phone is still only to continue to optimize the hardware path, the black shark can break through under this restriction, bring new design, it has become the most concerned about the black shark game phone 2 problem. This is related to the extent to which the category of game mobile phones can develop. As for the configuration of mobile phones and the price, it is in a secondary position.related articles china mobile.html