Samsung Note9 depth evaluation: suddenly look back, you are still the machine king

Samsung Note9 depth evaluation: suddenly look back, you are still the machine king
It may be because there are too many explosives before the release, or the Galaxy S9 series does not bring much surprise in appearance. In addition, this year, the domestic manufacturers have a strong offensive, people seem to have lost their expectations for the Samsung Galaxy Note9. The Android Galaxy Note series of the Android machine seems to be handing over the top spot. Is this really true?

From the release of the National Bank version on August 15th, Samsung Galaxy Note9 has also been in-depth experience for more than a month, so it also has a say. This is still the current Android machine emperor, there is no flashy flower boxing embroidered leg, it has a real effort, but it is drowned in the overwhelming brainwashing marketing of other manufacturers. Today, let’s take a good look at it.

Hardware parameter

In addition, Samsung Note9 is also equipped with an 8 megapixel front camera, a 12 megapixel wide angle + 12 megapixel telephoto dual camera combination, dual OIS optical image stabilization, and a wide-angle camera with a variable aperture. IP68 dustproof and waterproof, iris recognition, NFC and other functions have been extended, and the iconic S Pen has added Bluetooth function in this upgrade. In terms of color matching, the National Bank version currently offers three options: Danqing Black, Xuanjing Copper and Frost Blue.

Design: scalpel-like “micro-shaping”

Many people thought that the conservative appearance of the Galaxy S9 series would make Samsung make drastic changes on the Galaxy Note9, but the reality is very cruel. Samsung chose to steadily and continue to use the design language of the previous generation Galaxy Note8: its own double flagship standard full-view curved screen design, front and rear hyperboloid glass, with 6.4-inch and 2960*1440 resolution can be said to be invincible.

After careful observation, it can be found that the sensor on the forehead of the Galaxy Note9 is dark-colored, which makes the forehead part and the front screen more integrated, and the chin is slightly narrower than the previous generation of the Galaxy Note8.

From the front of the fuselage we can see that the main theme of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is “micro-shaping”, so the back is no exception. The back of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has little change from the previous generation’s Galaxy Note8. The obvious change is that the fingerprint sensor is placed under the camera, and the area of ​​the dual camera, flash and heart rate sensor uses a uniform color matching with the body.

The lower position of the fingerprint sensor reduces the situation of accidental touch or contamination of the camera, plus the new sensor area increases, and the position is relatively lower, the convenience and comfort of using the fingerprint is improved. It seems that Samsung still has feedback from users.

At the bottom of the fuselage, it is still a misaligned arrangement of familiar obsessive-compulsive obsessive-compulsive disorder, but this is not enough to become a slot. Speakers that support Dolby Atmos, the Note Series Soul S Pen, and the 3.5mm headphone jack are all absent. Just keep the 3.5mm headphone jack, and let the voice party of the wired headsets burst into tears.

As the biggest soul of the upgrade, S Pen, Samsung also specially matched the yellow S Pen on the Frost Blue version, which distinguishes it from the previous design with a striking contrast. In addition, the S Pen adds Bluetooth to the 4096-level pressure sensor, and the Bluetooth-enabled S Pen can support half an hour of use time by simply plugging it into the body for 40 seconds.

What are the ways to add the Bluetooth-enabled S Pen? And look at the decomposition.

At the same time as the strongest S Pen in the history, Samsung Galaxy Note9 upgraded the battery to 4000mAh without changing the size of the fuselage. Although the thickness of the fuselage has increased, the area can be exchanged for a long distance. Earn blood. Of course, the IP68 level three defense features are also completely preserved.

As for the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note9, there is no need to say anything, the strongest OLED screen on the surface. Referring to the conclusion of the famous screen quality testing organization DisplayMate, this is the “best performance smartphone display”.

The “micro-shaping” of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 does not seem to satisfy many people’s expectations for the Android machine, but in-depth experience, we feel that the Galaxy Note9 is still the top level in the Android camp, both in terms of look and feel.

Photograph: Not proud, Android’s strongest double shot

The Emperor is not called the Emperor by the appearance, but also has a strong strength. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 camera has no change in hardware specifications compared to the Galaxy S9+ in the first half of the year, but Samsung still makes it the strongest dual camera for Android. Is there such an operation?

On the hardware, Samsung Galaxy Note9 is still a familiar configuration: 12 megapixel dual camera, wide-angle and telephoto lens, dual camera with optical image stabilization. Is this enough? the answer is negative. The widely-accepted iris on the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has also been added to the Samsung Galaxy Note9, and the F/1.5-2.4 variable aperture has once again added a weapon to Samsung, which originally had the title of Night Vision.

In terms of human-computer interaction in the camera interface, Samsung is very simple and stylish: the function area uses a straightforward description of the text to make the user clear at a glance; while the parameter switching area uses a quasi-physical style, and the expression is simple and clear. At the same time, the camera interface directly has a video button, so that users will never miss a wonderful moment.

Most importantly, Samsung finally joined the AI ​​feature for the first time on the Galaxy Note9. Unlike other manufacturers who frequently roll over, the AI ​​scene recognition on the Galaxy Note9 is too stable. During the more than one month of experience, there are very few times when the scene recognition is not ideal.

Having said that, how about the camera effect of Samsung Galaxy Note9? It is not appropriate to use photos to speak later.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 delivers powerful camera performance with plenty of daylight. The color of the image is saturated, bright and vivid, and the white balance is very accurate. At the same time, the machine has a very high dynamic range. Whether it is a bright part of the picture or a number of shaded parts, it can achieve a very good restoration and a large contrast. photo.

By zooming in on the photo to 200%, the resolution of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is unmistakable. The 12 million cameras appear to be behind the parameters in some of the current flagship mobile phones with a power of 24 million, but their success is stable and the resolution is Max. Whether it is the center or the edge of the picture, the picture of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is still clear after zooming in, and it has achieved a very good balance in texture and definition; the picture in daylight is very pure, and the picture is not a bit motley.

The daylight performance is perfect. At night, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 has become even more alive and well.

In the night scene, the first impression of the photo is that it is transparent. As can be seen from the parameters, when the night begins to fall, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is more inclined to show off the F/1.5 large aperture: the large aperture brings a huge amount of light, like a black hole in the light, the light in the environment is exhausted. It may be absorbed; at the same time, the addition of the dual-lens anti-shake function allows it to remain stable even with a shutter of 1/33 s, and say goodbye to the blur of the photo.

Under the support of large aperture and optical image stabilization, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 can use a relatively lower ISO value in the night scene. In the above picture, the ISO value is only 320, plus Samsung has been polishing the noise control ability to make the picture Very pure, no matter the stairs in the high light, or the sky in the night, there is no annoying color noise, the night is very deep.

In terms of the front camera, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 uses an 8 megapixel front camera with a maximum f/1.7 aperture. Provides a variety of camera modes such as background blur, wide-angle self-timer and dynamic shoot, which brings enough playability to the selfie.

The newly added Bluetooth function on the S Pen brings more playability to the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note9. The Bluetooth-enabled S Pen can remotely control the camera within 10 meters. Whether it is a selfie or a large photo, you can become your selfie stick by holding the phone. No matter how rough the angle is, the Bluetooth shutter will always make you look good. Photo.

As you can see from the proofs, the photos taken by the Galaxy Note9 front camera are very soft and have a beautiful effect. It is in line with Asian aesthetic standards for the beauty of human skin: it is red and pink, and it is very pleasing. Together with the “Ship New” S Pen, beautiful sisters can take pictures whenever and wherever they want.

More photos

The Samsung Galaxy Note9’s film style is the same as the Samsung flagship of the past two years. It maintains a good balance between the two dimensions of “real” and “visual impact”. The first show is the perfect AI scene recognition that makes it different from other When the scene recognition is turned on, the mobile phone becomes “precious”. Coupled with the superior HDR capabilities of the original, making it a “shooting” in the mobile phone industry, Xiaobai can easily shoot large movies. Samsung is also trying to prove to everyone that digital algorithms can really do whatever they want.

System: Please eliminate the misunderstanding of it

Since ancient times, Samsung has been criticized for system optimization, but the system optimization of the Galaxy S9 series in the first half of the year has been no problem for any manufacturer. Samsung Galaxy Note9 is also making persistent efforts, equipped with Samsung Experience system based on Android 8.1 deep customization, and integrated Samsung Knox security technology, built-in Bixby intelligent voice assistant, Samsung Pay and other Samsung features.

Galaxy Note9’s system style is consistent with the Galaxy S9 series. The icon design and UI interface elements are full of Samsung flavor, the simple design is stylish and stable, and it uses a lot of native Material Design elements.

The system operation is as smooth as ever, the CPU core scheduling is very positive, and the software performance of the Galaxy Note9 can be experienced to a stable level. The security aspect is protected by Knox technology and a variety of biometric verification. Intelligent identification is also added. The system can intelligently judge whether to use facial recognition or iris recognition.

Bixby: Redefining Voice Assistant

Bixby redefines the voice intelligence assistant once it was launched last year, and Siri is scared to speak. The New Bixby comes along with the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

The new version of Bixbiy can be used to answer the user’s instructions at any time by tapping the Bixbiy side button on the phone or by saying “Hi Bixby!” to the phone. Recently, Samsung China announced the further opening of Bixby’s SDK, allowing more three-party manufacturers to independently access development, making Bixby more powerful.

So in addition to asking today’s weather, setting alarms, adding reminders and other basic functions, Bixbiy has many more complete features, such as the use of public comments, Baidu maps, etc., more accurate and convenient. This also allows Bixbiy capabilities to access borderless, not limited to scenarios that users often use.


Bixby, which is deeply integrated into the system, has more powerful features and a more detailed understanding of user instructions. If the user can call Bixby to take a self-portrait, it will turn on the camera, take a photo for you, or directly turn on the recording function to shoot the video. It will also be pushed according to the user’s daily habits, such as asking what to eat at noon? Bixby will recommend the dishes you often eat according to your daily preferences, learn the user’s usage and operating habits, and push customized services.


Bixby is smarter than other voice smart assistants. For example, if you want to buy a ticket for tomorrow with Bixby, Bixby will check it out and then tell him about the need to help me change the day after tomorrow. He can do the same. Not only can you send text messages by voice like traditional voice assistants. Thanks to more detailed language understanding, Bixby can achieve more functions, and it is easy to operate without manual selection.

In addition to more detailed voice control, Samsung Bixby can even help you unlock your phone with voice. Just enter the voice password in advance. “Hi Bixby” wakes up the assistant and then speaks the voice password to unlock the phone. The operation can also be easily accomplished, and is more suitable for inconvenient direct operation, and requires a use scene of the voice assistant. There will be no embarrassment when you say that you have to be cold and cold, “You have to unlock the iPhone first.”

In addition, the complicated operation instructions in front are used together with the language of Bixby to unlock the user. Even the user can complete the operation of finding the navigation place without touching the mobile phone, which is very convenient.

For voice assistants, this feature makes the experience a higher level, from a simple touch-screen smartphone to a smart assistant that can be operated with voice. The user can also set the common instructions as shortcut phrases, and directly speak a simple word, which can correspond to one or more instructions at the same time.

Solid foundation

Compared with other voice assistants on the market, Samsung Bixbiy’s ASR recognition effect is obviously better, and NLU has better support for users’ natural language. In the actual experience, Bixby’s speech recognition rate is very high, and most of the instructions can be answered clearly and clearly without waiting for a long time. The voice feedback is quite smooth and real, and the sound is very nice, as if a sister is talking to you.

S Pen: Forever soul, forever protagonist

S Pen is the soul of the Galaxy Note series, of course, to come out alone.

Being able to record your life can also improve your efficiency

As a stylus, the first and most important thing is to be able to record everything around you anytime, anywhere. The new S Pen can still achieve good recording function, it supports up to 4096 pressure sense, can sense the weight of your stroke with extremely delicate sensitivity, whether you like to take notes, or like to use pictures to express your own mood, use Samsung Note9, you can always find the experience you want.

If only these, this only with three

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