Haman is forced to respect Mordecai

Harman is a senior official in the court of the Persian kings. One day Harman was offended by a Jews called Mordecai because he refused to give Harman a courtesy. To save his injured self-esteem, Harman convinced King Xerxes to ask him to issue an order to legally exterminate the Jews of the entire kingdom. (Do you think Harman was overreacted?).

What Harman didn’t realize was that the newly appointed Queen Esther happened to be a Jew, or a Mordecai cousin. In addition, Mordecai is responsible for directly providing information to Esther, who is trying to design conspiracy to assassinate the king. Since Esther said good things for Mordecai in front of the king, the king decided to respect Mordecai.

Xerxes asked Harman how to pay tribute to someone who knew how to please the king. Harman was highly opinionated. He thought he was the person whom Xerxes said and he gave his advice according to his own preferences. As a result, Xerxes asked him to pay tribute to Mordecai.

In the end, the harangue Harman forced himself to frustration and could only lead in royal robes and Mordecai on the royal horse and walked through the streets of the city to announce to the people the king’s decision against Mordecai—the man he hated. – The recognition.